New Clothes!

I don't claim to have any sense of fashion, but I do love clothes shopping. Unfortunately, our budget is a bit tight, so I have lately had to limit my shopping to the window/virtual variety.

I've always loved fall, due in part to the marvelous fall colors and styles. Who doesn't love a chunky knit sweater and fabulous blue jeans with a cute pair of boots? I especially love the fact that, at my church, we are pretty casual, and more concerned with people than with fashion. What this means to me is that I can really be comfortable when I worship. Not that I don't love getting dressed up, but I like to move around a bit when I sing or play, and some dressy clothes, well, just aren't made for that.

I even love to shop for new clothes for my boys. Of course, being boys, they're not nearly as excited about new clothes as I am, but that's ok, because in the long run, I think finding appropriate clothes for boys is WAY easier than girls.

Soon, you'll see new clothes around here too! Apparently, the randomizer decided that "my number was up", so to speak, and I won Shane's blog design giveaway. Stay tuned to see which of Judi's fabulous pre-made designs I chose! :)

My favorite fall fashions, however, are created by the Master Designer Himself. I went to college at the quintessential college campus. Fall in southwest Ohio is so spectacular, and we were treated each year to stunning displays of color. While these aren't my photos, they show a place where I feel very at home. Take a look and enjoy.

Dearest Lord, the Designer of the World, help us to appreciate beauty in whatever form it appears. We are grateful that You allow us the privilege to see the changing of the seasons, and all that brings to this beautiful world You have created. Remind us that nothing happens by accident, and know that You, our Lord, cares for each of us in the same way that You care for each of your creations.

Enthusiastically enjoying Your world.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Those pictures are amazing!

And thank you for your sweet comment today, it made me cry...the happy kind :)

Cecily R said...

Gorgeous shots...really beautiful. Fall is my FAVORITE. Here's hoping I take the time this season and really enjoy the beauty.

C. Beth said...

So, so pretty! We don't get a lot of fall color...love to see pictures of it. I didn't see a real "autumn" with all the amazing colors until I visited the northeast in autumn a few years back.