Pray Without Ceasing

I'm a bit (insert sarcastic snort here) rusty on my scriptural references, being that I was raised Catholic and all, but I know there's something in that beautiful book that tells us to pray without ceasing.

I did that this morning for the last 40 minutes of my spin class. As in "Dear, sweet Lord Jesus, please let me die. Now."

I'm pretty sure that the intent of the admonishment was not that we pray to die during our workouts, but nonetheless, I'm pretty sure He heard me, because I actually had the strength to finish the class. Did I mention it was an hour class? Starting at 5:30 am? Yeah, I'm crazy.

I'm working on talking to God at least once every hour. Sometimes I remember, and sometimes I don't, and more often than not, it's a simple "Hi God, thanks for everything!" sort of prayer, but I'm pretty sure it still falls under the "pray without ceasing" category.

If you're interested in some more formalized time with God, check out Weak Weary Mom's giveaway!

Praying enthusiastically that God will heal my aching butt...


You Say You Want a Revolution?

I was listening to our local Christian radio station, when host Joe Buchanan started talking about the 60/60 Revolution.

It's a pretty simple concept, really, described by author John Burke, in his book SoulRevolution. Basically, it goes like this: for the next 60 days, you talk to God every 60 minutes.

From Burke's website: "For the next 60 days, try to stay in a continuous, honest conversation with God, willing to do his will moment by moment. Set a watch or alarm to beep every 60 minutes, and put up sticky notes & reminders around you home, car & office, as a reminder to stay connected. Try to turn your thoughts back to God all throughout the day, as often as you can. This simple conscious contact with God isn't easy, but it's all you have to do - everything else will begin to fall into place over time. Even if you're not yet convinced this is true, try it. Every 60 minutes, stop and recall "God is with me right now..." and let that propel you to ask God "Show me your will this next moment. I want to be willing to do your will as an act of love toward you." "

I don't know about you, but I think this is a pretty cool concept. I don't know about you, but I'm all for a more intimate relationship with God.

Are you ready for a revolution? Mine starts today. Let me know if you want a revolution too!

In Him, the original revolutionary.