Idea and idiot have the same root...

So I have an idea. A really big, God-sized idea. Of course, I think I'm a bit crazy, but what else is new.

It has to do with the fact that I've been trying (without great success, I confess), to make some healthier choices in my life. I decided it's high time to really WORK on being a blessing and living my life in praise and gratitude to God for His marvelous gifts. Unfortunately, I've been doing a lot more thinking than working.

Sometimes, as a dear friend of mine told me, one's own head can be a dangerous neighborhood.

Anyway, I have to hash out the idea in my head more before I can put it on paper (or in cyberspace for that matter).

I apologize for my random ramblings, but things are a little nutty in my world.


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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I get it. I once heard Joyce Meyer say that sometimes when God gives us a big idea, or dream, that we need to just dwell on it with just Him for awhile. Otherwise, we share it with others right away, and they may say or do something that makes us think whatever idea we had is crazy or too big...and then we start to think the same thing and give up.

If we dwell on it with Him...until its solidified in our heart, then NOTHING can take it away :)

When the time is right...looking forward to hearing what it is!