This morning I did something I've been wanting to do for weeks. I got up at 6 am, made myself a cup of coffee, and spent some quiet time with God. While that may not seem like anything earth-shattering for lots of folks, it was huge for me. God has been shaping (re-shaping), forming (re-forming), molding (re-molding) my heart so much lately. At church, we finished a sermon series on Paul's letter to the church at Colossae. I am a new creation. And let me tell you, this creating business is serious stuff.

One of the things I did this morning was pray. I didn't grow up with spontaneous prayer. I grew up with rote, memorized, exactly-as-it-should-be prayer. And that's not all bad. But spontaneous prayer? Not an easy thing for me to do or ask for.

I prayed for Michelle, a friend of ours who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had a full hysterectomy, but is facing months of chemotherapy/radiation treatment. She and her husband George were at our wedding, and have two beautiful young children. Michelle wants to dance at her children's weddings.

And for another Michele, this one a newly licensed minister from our church. She has such a heart for Christ, and feels called to work on behalf of disabled people. She is challenged by the devil every day, but that is just a testament to the importance of her work.

And for DaShana, a former student of mine. She just lost her mother. I have no words. My parents are aging, and I dread the day when I have to say good-bye to either of them. My heart just breaks for DaShana.

As always, I prayed for my children. Two of the three are at camp this week, and I prayed for their safety, for God to watch over them. I prayed that they might make good choices, and have a wonderful time. For my littlest, at home without his brothers, I prayed for God's protection over him as well, and that God might guard all of their sweet hearts.

Enthusiastically beginning this Monday...

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