In the Quiet of the Morning

3:26, according to my kitchen clock.

And yes, that would be a.m.

Not sure exactly why my body is so wide awake at this hour, but there you have it. I'm still battling the remnants of sick, so it may be that. Or it may be The Manimal, who in his half-asleep stage decided to invade my side of the bed.

The dog is pretty happy. While she's not exactly nocturnal, her lupine roots come through whenever there is a human conscious in the weird nighttime hours.

The house is blissfully (and unusually) quiet. The perpetual "on" state of both boy children has been silenced for more than the normal 18 minutes.

We have plans for later in the day, but for now, it is quiet. The family is safe and sleeping. All is well with the world.


Betty said...

I saw your comment at SITS and thought to myself, why would someone comment at 3 a.m., and decided to visit. Now I know! :)
Isn´t it great to sometimes (but only sometimes) just listen how everyone else is sleeping and that all is well? Plus you get undisturbed computer time.... :)

Michelle said...

Ahhhh... peace and quiet. Definitely key. Here's hoping you don't regret it later in the day! (following the 2 bloggers above you request!)

mamajil said...

I do love the quiet of the house in the middle of the night...it is peaceful! Thank you for your kind words over at my blog, I've enjoyed yours...I will be back! :)