Get the Bean!

I usually post different things on my two blogs, but sometimes, there are things worth saying twice. And seriously, if this woman isn't living on sheer faith and enthusiastically, I don't know who is!

Meaghan left a comment on a previous post, so like a good blogger, I checked hers out. This woman is such an inspiration. In 2007, at age 28, she was diagnosed with Stage 3B Cervical Cancer. She battled long and hard, and against all odds, she beat it! You can read her touching story at her personal blog, I Kicked Cancer's Ass.

Not one to let a little thing like cancer get her down, Meaghan and her boyfriend Bryan, started a company called "Get the Bean!", specializing in organically grown coffee. Here's the cool part. They are using GTB to help fight cancer. How exactly does selling coffee fight cancer? From the GTB Website:

We at G.T.B understand Meaghan's story is not unique. There are many men and women fighting battles against cancer. At Get The Bean we want to do whatever we can to help fight cancer. We have decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to various cancer charities.


1. Tell us about yours or a loved ones battle against cancer
2. We will then post your story on
3. Each month we will pick one story to feature
4. If we pick your story you get to pick your favorite G.T.B coffee flavor
5. Next we will ask you to pick the Cancer Charity you would like G.T.B to donate proceeds to
6. For the next year we will donate .50 for every bag purchased of your chosen flavor to your
chosen charity
7. To enter your story email us at

How cool is that?! This is such a perfect example of one of my favorite quotes:

"Never doubt that a small, committed group of people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead)

If you are as inspired by Meaghan's story as I was, go forth and buy beans!

OK, so as a little postscript, I have to say that I was looking to buy the "coffee of the month" so I called GTB's customer service number, and guess what?! I talked to Meaghan! :) She is so excited about this project, and they are LITERALLY just getting underway, so the first story of the month hasn't yet been chosen. Stay tuned, though, I'm sure she'll let everyone know when it's up and running!

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